Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

Squeakfest Uruguay 2012 - Day 2, Randy's workshop

On the second day, we had several highlights, so I'll have more than one post for Day 2. The day started with Randy's workshop. Randy had the text of his projects translated into Spanish by Carlos Rabassa, he had learned some spanish phrases himself and he had Ricarco Moran to translate him on the first day and Sebastian Blanco on the second. That way, every teacher in the room could follow the workshop and there was a very interesting discussion. That is the best thing in a workshop, when participants get really involved in a topic.
Randy's projects are created in a certain way, derived from conclusions of the book "How people learn". There is an introductory text about the subject and then students are confronted by common preconceptions regarding it. A teacher needs to be able to lead a discussion about these preconceptions in the classroom, and give students ideas on how to prove what they think.
In this workshop, Randy presented a variety of projects about several topics. You can find his projects here: Squeak Courseware: Science

A picture from the second workshop.

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