Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

Squeakfest Uruguay 2012 - Day 1

José Miguel García: Robotics and education


In his talk, Miguel explained how robots are being used in the schools in Uruguay. There are robotics kits in every school in Uruguay and teachers are starting to adapt to robotics programming. What he did and talked about were really great robotics courses with amazing results. 
We attended his workshop later at Squeakfest Buenos Aires, where we were supposed to build robots from materials like cardboard, woodenstrips, yarn and a NXT motor within two hours. At first, we were imagining what we would like to automate (without knowing about the materials). Then we learnde what materials we had available, so we had to refine our idea to something that could actually being done in the given time. And then came the tinkering and programming. We used TurtleArt to control the motor, we could easily have used PhysicalEtoys as well. It was about doing the whole design process from the idea to the finished project thinking like an engineer. 
This is how they do workshops with kids at schools!


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