Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

Squeakfest Uruguay 2011- Day 2

We arrived around 8:30 at the university for Squeakfest and I tested the internet connection for our online talks. Thanks to Bert and the technicians at the university, we got it connected. So Steve's and Walter's talk should be no problem.
I started a bit later than planned, at 9:30 with my presentation. It went well, but was an unusual experience for me. Because Valentina had to translate, I could only say 1-2 sentences at once. Usually, I start talking and get going. Now I had to stop all the time. But the audiencesat sat there, nodding, so they seemd to understand and agree.
Right now, Randy and Ricardo are giving a talk together. This is very nice, Ricardo is showing his Speech Bubbles, graphing tools, etc. which he developed in the GSoC-project. Randy gives the pedagogical background, with Ricardo translating. It is very nice to see how well they work together!

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